Architecture: The Epic Adventure

National Finalist Superstudio 24hr Design Competition

Australian National Finalist: Superstudio 24 hour Design Competition
Awarded ‘Jury Special Mention’ and ‘Elenberg Fraser Award for Best Presentation’
Team credit: Hong Yi, Wei Kiat Low, Cheryl Heap

SONA Superstudio is a 24 hour Australian and New Zealand nation-wide design competition that aims to refurbish studio culture, lay foundations for creative design solutions and assemble networks between students and the profession. 20 national finalists are chosen from over hundreds of entries across Australia and New Zealand. The overall winner is given return airfares to Venice, and given the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Question: How do you activate a city through ‘Place X’, an inactive space (or series or spaces) on the fringe of the urban and suburban?

Place X are places around the fringe of Melbourne CBD grid (Laneways, Bridge Undercrofts & Parks) that are neglected, unused, or ignored by the usual passer-by. Separated they are forgotten, but together they revive the city through ‘game play’.

Marked by bright pink milk crate structures, place X are EPICentres providing food, fun and awareness through recycling games. We convert typical festival games with added twist that relate to the issue of recycling. Activating place X through gaming aside, it is a fun and rewarding recycling competition between suburbs. Everyone is a gamer in this scheme which builds strong relationships within families and between communities. They are human resources that do real-world work. They become a powerful platform for change, allowing the community of Melbourne to embark on an epic adventure for the betterment of the future.