Architecture: Living + Play

Delft Exchange Program

How do you incorporate the concept of ‘PLAY’ into living quarters, such as apartment blocks of Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany?

The theory of PLAY focuses on the relationship between gamers, which fosters relationships because trust is involved: play members trust that each other will play by the same rule, value the same achievements, and respect the time spent on play.
The proposed residential blocks in Hafencity appear to be neatly organised, private apartment blocks that seem to segregate street-life and the community within the residential blocks. The playful collage/pixel-like facade invites passerbys to witness the way of life of the residents living in the LIVING+PLAY apartment block. The facade shows the different coloured units represent different teams (red, blue, green) . Each team become a community, and they come together to compete with other teams in different categories, such as recycling, and taking steps vs taking the lift. Each team is also exclusively connected to one another through stairs and passageways.
With forms of architectural design that incorporates the theory of Play, the apartment block will stand out as an iconic, unique design in Hafencity. Residents will find it easier to trust each
other, and distinguish strangers from others through the increase in interaction and understanding.